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Affiliate Program -- make money online and start your own online business

It is simple to be a part of our Affiliate Program. You just need to join our affiliate program, promote the products you like with your affiliate links on our website. If someone come to our website using your affiliate link and buy any product, the order will make commission for you. If the person buy again in 30 days, then their order will also make comission for you!

How much commission will I get?
We offered Three public commission tiers for you:
Level Rate To reach this level ( monthly sales amount)
Level 1


Access to everyone

Level 2


$1000 to $5000

Level 3


More than $5000

For example.
You post your Affiliate Links on your BBS page, one people followed it to our website ordered 3 products and paid $100.00.
How much commission will you get?
If you are on level 1, you will get $100.00*8%=$8
If you are on level 2, you will get $100.00*9%=$9
If you are on level 3, you will get $100.00*10%=$10

How to join our Affiliate Program?
1. Log in or as an affiliate or a publisher.
2. Search for our account (shareasale ID: 31237;  cj ID: 2743018) or click the ID numbers.
3. Grab the aHappyDeal link from the site and add it to your own website(s).

Your commission potential will obviously increase over time the more you introduce, the targets are much easier to achieve than you may initially think !

More support to our affiliate:
Special offer for long term promotion, non-expiring exclusive coupon.
If any other cooperative mode, please Contact us!

Any questions, please feel free to contact Support Center(Do not foget to choose question type as  affiliate). We will get back to you in 2 business days.

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